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Open 9-6pm Monday-Friday, Saturday by Appointment | 102 Main Road, Bakery Hill Victoria 3350

Infocus Photography & Video Studio is a contemporary spacious air conditioned photographic, video production casting studio located in the Ballarat CBD. Smart, clean studio space with a high ceiling, perfect for shooting fashion, beauty, portraiture, corporate, industrial, family. Ideal for castings, model, dance and glamour shoots. We also offer, video to disc conversion, Large format printing with full colour correction service on site.


Transfer VCR tape to DVD - Analogue video tapes go through Time Base Correction (TBC) before transfer to DVD. TBC equipment is used for stability, colour shift, and enhancement of the video signal. This process can also be used in the tape to tape transfer. This helps to get the best out of your old video tapes. Unfortunately , not everything can be perfect, as age and deterioration can only go so far. Best to get them done as soon as possible.